Ex-Amazon team creates a pocket-sized personal shopper

A group of former Amazon employees have created a new kind of personal shopping app. Mona differentiates itself from many personal shopping apps by doing more than pushing deals or providing research and reviews—it fulfills requests, taking personalization to a whole new level.  

Shoppers can ask Mona to notify them when a particular item goes on sale, or when something new is available from a requested brand or designer. In what the development team terms "missions," Mona goes out and searches the Web based on a user's request rather than purchase history.

Mona was founded in Seattle by former Amazon employees: Orkun Atik, previously a senior product manager; Nurettin Dag, a senior software development engineer; and a third co-founder who prefers to stay anonymous, according to TechCrunch.

Shopping search and discovery hasn't changed much over the past 15 years, Atik told TechCrunch. "Everything is organized around products today, not people. Shopping should be organized around people and their existing missions."

In addition to shopping missions, Mona will deliver top recommendations to users in the form of a curated top 20 list based on personal history. It will even mine a user's email, although that feature contains an opt-out option for those concerned with privacy.

Mona is now publicly available in a beta test for iOS users on iTunes, following a five-month private test run.

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