Euro Emerging Tech Shipments Slowly Increasing

A new report has emerging technology--which it defines as electronic shelf labels, RFID and self-checkout terminals--shipments hitting $238 million by next year among European retailers. That's about 52 percent more than the $157 million worth that the Venture Development Corporation (VDC) report estimated was shipped last year.

"While in the near term, traditional technologies will still dominate the market, these emerging technologies are expected to experience long-term growth due to technology refresh cycles, increasing end-user comfort levels (as a result of field-proven ROI with these technologies), and rapid price erosion in order to remain competitive," said Andrew Nathanson, Director of VDC's Automatic Identification and Data Collection Practice. "In order for the market to reach its full potential, retailers must view these emerging technologies as a mechanism for strategic pricing, inventory control and management, and a method in which to improve customers' in-store experience — not merely a replacement for traditional technologies."