Etsy vendors can now sell in-stream on social media channels

Etsy has made Shoppost,a social commerce platform developed by the company Zantler that allows merchants to sell in-post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr, available to its merchants via its app store.

"Many of our customers are extremely active on social media, but until now there was no compelling way to engage with and sell to them where they spend so much of their time online," said Kate Lauter, Shop King Dude, an Etsy merchant and Shoppost customer. "Shoppost gives us that capability by bringing our storefront to life across all of the major social networks with up-to-date info on color, size availability and pricing from our Etsy page."

Shoppost provides product information including images, availability, sizing, colors and pricing all directly from the retailer's page. Once a customer clicks on the "buy" button on Shoppost, the customer is taken to the merchant's Etsy-branded shopping cart.

Shoppost recently partnered with Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), making the social commerce platform available for retailers selling on the Amazon Webstore.

According to Zantler CEO David Robb, Shoppost is receiving a 22 percent engagement rate on Facebook.

In addition, Shoppost introduced a sharing to Tumblr button, which enables merchants to post shopposts from other social media platforms, such as Facebook, onto Tumblr with just one click.

"Because of the huge volume of fashion and apparel on Tumblr, and the large percentage of apparel and accessory merchants using Shoppost, it was a natural fit for us to amplify our
Tumblr support with the share button," said Zantler President James Lively. "With Tumblr being recognized as the fastest-growing social platform concurrently with our Tumblr share button launch, this enhancement will provide our merchant base a valuable tool to expand their social reach and increase conversions."

Increasing its presence both on and offline, Etsy announced Wholesale this summer, a service which allowed independent designers who conduct business with Etsy to pay a $100 one-time joining fee to sell merchandise in stores and boutiques, as well as a 3.5 percent transaction fee on each purchase order.

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-See this Zantler press release

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