Etsy resumes controversial shipping cost test

Even though Etsy sellers have complained about the popular retailer's changes to the way it displays its shipping costs, Etsy plans to continue tests.

Last month, Etsy began testing a program to hide shipping costs on its seller's product listing pages. Since it completed phase one of testing, it has now started a second phase.

Initially, the retailer suspended phase two due to "some bugs" that it needed to fix. "Since many of you offered great feedback during the limited period that the test was running, we saw this as an opportunity to regroup, read through everything that you were saying, and be sure that we were considering your comments before launching again. Today we've turned these tests back on, with much of your feedback incorporated," the company stated.

However, it is surprising that Etsy is continuing the shipping cost tests at all, after the seller – and buyer – outrage they have caused. One seller told Ecommerce Bytes that he had zero sales during the first test and was ready to stop selling on Etsy. "This (in my opinion) is just plain stupid, not showing shipping up front," the unidentified seller said.

Etsy buyers are not too happy either. Some who were part of the test said that, once they placed the item in their cart, viewed the cost, and removed the item from the cart, they were left stranded on a "your cart is empty" screen. One user said the screen pointed to nine "recommended items," none of which were in her favorites or in the shop where she had been shopping.

"I wasn't aware the buyers were also being directed out of each Etsy seller's shop to a main page where they were unable to get back to the shop they were shopping in - this is very disturbing!" one buyer said.

Etsy told sellers that it is continuing with these tests because "we want to expand the ways that shipping costs can be calculated, and the types of shipping services that can be offered to your buyers. In order for us to grow and support additional shipping features, we need to make sure that any changes we make will not decrease your sales."

Unfortunately, that seems to be exactly what is happening to Etsy retailers.

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