ePOS Faring Well Overseas

The electronic POS is faring well overseas, with IHL reporting a four perfect increase in the Europe/Middle East/Africa region. The new IHL figures--to be released Wednesday--said shipments are "expected to surpass 1.8 Billion Euros and the total installed base value (including shipments, hardware and software maintenance) to surpass 3.2 Billion Euros in 2007 ($4.3 Billion)."

"Retailers continue to see the EPOS as more than just a method for accurately recording sales," said Greg Buzek, president of IHL Consulting Group, a global research and advisory firm that serves retailers and retail technology vendors. "Added functionality at the till, whether in the form of capabilities like customer returns, inventory look-up, or workforce management, helps retailers see EPOS as THE central system in the store, and they are willing to invest in it accordingly."

On the OS front, Windows Embedded for Point of Service shipments grew by 54 percent, while Windows XP Embedded grew by 45 percent and Linux-based EPOS shipment grew by 22 percent, IHL said.