eBay's Mobile Strategy Aims to Boost Holiday Gift-Giving

eBay's (NASDAQ: EBAY) mobile app includes a new, "free in-store pickup" feature for the holidays, along with Airdrop from Apple and Pinterest integration.

"By expanding our local mobile offerings, with updates like in-store pick-up, we are helping provide solutions for the busy holiday shopper," Kevin Hurst, vice president of mobile products at eBay, told Mobile Commerce Daily. "With six less shopping days this year, timing is everything."

eBay shoppers can now pick up select products at Best Buy and Autozone. Mobile shoppers can filter search results to show only in-store pickup products.

In addition to in-store pickup, eBay's alliance with Apple's Airdrop from iOS 7 may help the retailer compete with mobile payment options such as Google Wallet and ISIS in the future. eBay's app now includes AirDrop sharing, which lets consumers share content to nearby friends and family members.

"With eBay eyeing a bigger role in e-commerce this holiday season, being able to share gift ideas to friends and family members quickly could give  the company a significant advantage over competitor shopping apps, especially if the company is able to eventually add payments to the sharing option," Mobile Commerce Daily reported.

eBay's new app also pulls users' personalized feeds into the app's home page and shares items directly to their Pinterest boards

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