eBay's Australia Experiment: Ban All Payment Methods Other Than PayPal

As of June 17, anyone in Australia buying from eBay online will be told: "PayPal" or "Forget It, Pal."

With the exception of in-person pickups and cash-on-delivery, plus a handful of large-ticket items (specifically cars, motorcycles, aircraft, boats, caravans, trailers, commercial trucks, services, real estate and businesses) for sale, sellers will be required to offer eBay-owned PayPal as a payment method by May 21, in anticipation of the June 17 ban on anything else.

"eBay is banning sellers from using their own merchant credit card accounts (even) if they have them," said a story on AuctionBytes.com. "Visa and MasterCard (will be) accepted only when processed through PayPal."

That story quoted eBay spokesperson Nichola Sharpe saying that the payment limits apply initially only to eBay in Australia, but that may change.

"There are no plans to go to a PayPal-only model for eBay in the U.S. and we haven't announced any other markets at this time," she said, adding that eBay will evaluate the impact of eBay Australia's new requirements. "If we think these changes will significantly improve the buyer experience, we may expand them to additional segments of sellers or categories."