EBay optimizes for 5 stages of shopping

Lin Cheong / CC BY 2.0

EBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) has rolled out new enhancements to its technology platform to provide shoppers with better search returns and make it easier for shoppers to discover and compare products.

The changes are based on an examination of shopper behaviors that eBay breaks down into the five stages of shopping.  

"When looking at shopping behaviors, we often find that providing too many options can be overwhelming for some people," said Jason Fletchall, eBay's product manager for shopping experience. "In our research, we've found that there are five stages in the shopping journey: want, discover, compare, decide and buy. Our goal is to help shoppers quickly make sense of the options available to them, and help them easily compare options so they can decide with confidence."

So eBay made improvements to its Product Related Pages (PRP) and Search Results Pages (SRP). It leveraged machine-assisted learning to reorder the items listed on category pages during the search and discovery process and on the SRP pages as shoppers begin to comparison shop.

The site provides a "top pick" and offers more options to better show the breadth of inventory, according to the company.

"I see these enhancements giving our shoppers a much easier time finding the best values for them," said Fletchall. "Through simple browsing, shoppers will naturally land on these pages which help them narrow down which items they want to view."

EBay celebrated its 20th anniversary in September and refocused its digital presence by spinning off PayPal, streamlining mobile offerings and testing new delivery and membership programs.

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