eBay Expands Same-Day Delivery Service; Adds Collections Feature

eBay (Nasdaq: EBAY) announced on October 22 that it is expanding its same-day delivery service to 25 cities next year after purchasing London-based delivery platform Shutl.

The online retail giant's eBay Now delivery service is already live in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago and will be available in Dallas in a few weeks. Next year, cities such as London will receive the service, bringing the total to 25.

"What you saw today is how we're bringing together online and offline...how we're bringing together need and love," eBay President Devin Wenig said at eBay's press event today, CNET reported.

eBay also is bringing local deliveries to the core eBay site, instead of only offering it through a separate site and app. Toys R Us and Best Buy are the first two retailers to participate in the service, which allows eBay shoppers to make purchases through eBay's main marketplace and pick them up the same day in-store or have the products delivered.

Scheduling deliveries "was a big requirement we hear loud and clear," eBay's Chief Technology Officer Mark Carges said, CNET reported. "Local shopping is a very unique thing eBay is well positioned to do."

Plus, local deliveries better positions eBay to compete this holiday season, Christopher Payne, eBay's senior vice president of North America, said at the event, Internet Retailer reported. While eBay used to be unable to guarantee orders would arrive by Christmas past about December 19 or 20, "now we can say 'No, here, pick it up in the store,' or whatever [the consumer desires]," Payne said.

eBay also added several new shopping features to help customers discover products. It is bringing on "expert" curators, including the daughter of aquatic explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau and rapper-designer Pharrel Williams, to create web collections of their favorite items on eBay.

Customers and retailers can also create their own collections and follow one another on eBay. If a shopper follows Target on eBay, for example, his or her eBay home page will feature the latest items Target adds to its collection. eBay shoppers have already created 56,000 collections in the three days since the service has been available.

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