eBay Enterprise Introduces Ship-From-Store Solution

eBay Enterprise (NASDAQ: EBAY) has launched a Ship-from-Store SaaS solution that turns physical retail locations into virtual distribution centers.

It's eBay's solution to the omnichannel experience.

eBay is calling it a game-changing initiative that retailers can deploy within 99 days to most effectively leverage their physical store inventories while gaining advantages in margin and shipping costs. The solution aims to assist retailers with managing effective omnichannel capabilities to boost sales, enhance the shopper experience and improve retention rates. With 77 percent of consumers expecting retailers to provide a consistent, integrated experience between their in-store and online channels, ship-from-store and in-store pickup will empower retailers to continue to compete in an omnichannel landscape and meet their customers' evolving needs.

Ship-from-Store benefits include decreased delivery costs and times by routing shipments from the nearest possible physical location, optimized order fulfillment through physical storefront inventory, expediting the ability for retailers to debut new products and the ability to maintain profit margins by turning store inventory online, as opposed to in-store merchandise markdowns to move inventory.

"Every day that retailers do not utilize in-store inventory to augment their online sales, they lose opportunities to maximize their existing inventory and increase their bottom line profitability by avoiding markdowns," said Tobias Hartmann, head of omnichannel operations, eBay Enterprise. "With the eBay Enterprise Ship-from-Store solution, retailers can quickly turn their physical retail locations into virtual distribution centers."

Expedited delivery and inventory access is expected to help retailers reduce markdowns and improve margins.

Ship-From-Store is now live for 2,756 stores, 30 brands, 22 retailers in 13 countries. Based on client data, eBay Enterprise customers can experience over 30 percent margin increase on items nearing markdown.

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