eBay Declares "Mobile Sunday": Please Shoot Me Now

On Monday (Dec. 13), eBay announced a term it wanted to standardize: "Mobile Sunday." This news prompted us to declare Tarantula Tuesday, the day when Web spiders work harder than any other day of the year. Or perhaps Webcast Wednesday, to celebrate the highest traffic day of the year for Webcasts that declare some other stupid made-up-day event. But wait, the eBay news release gets even better.

Quoteth the release: eBay "sets records on the busiest mobile shopping day ever," a feat that is even more impressive because it's the "second year in a row" such mobile records have been broken. Isn't this akin to a retailer in 1995 declaring that it just had the highest E-Commerce traffic ever? M-Commerce is just kicking in, so of course everybody is having their highest mobile year ever. In fact, I'll bet that everyone is experiencing amazing triple-digit percentage growth in mobile, too. Retail stats are confusing enough without marketing making up bogus days and offering silly comparisons.