EBay China partners with Newegg for U.S. logistics

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EBay China has teamed up with Newegg Logistics in the U.S. to help with last-mile delivery.

EBay China has teamed up with Newegg Logistics to help sellers in China fulfill last-mile delivery. Using the tech-focused platform, retailers will more easily be able to coordinate the export of products shipped from China, as well as now provide warehouse services for them in the U.S. 

With the help of its new partner, eBay can now outsource various operations to Newegg, helping the marketplace to bring more value to its sellers through Newegg's extensive supply chain capabilities. 

“Newegg Logistics is a robust platform that can easily scale up to support sizeable organizations, as evidenced by our work with eBay China,” said Kunal Thakkar, Newegg’s SVP of global operations. “The beauty of our supply chain solution is it can be customized to suit any fulfillment need, no matter how specialized.”

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Newegg Logistics offers four components to the fulfillment process for its customers: forward logistics, transportation management, value-added services and reverse logistics. Now with eBay China, Newegg will help in stocking and fulfilling orders for U.S. orders. 

"Newegg will act as a logistics extension for eBay sellers, providing customized solutions including storage, distribution and last-mile delivery across the U.S.," Thakkar told FierceRetail. "Newegg has reserved sufficient space within its logistics infrastructure to support the same for eBay and other 3PL clients, and will continue to invest in the same."

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Newegg's Logistics solution just launched in May and is meant to be an aggregation of best practices. Newegg Logistics offers the company a solid infrastructure and a distribution network that can provide two-day ground service to 90% of customers within the U.S. 

"We have strategic partnerships with transportation carriers and the know-how to run a robust e-commerce operation that we can extend to eBay and other marketplaces, enabling them to deliver a superior experience to their customers," Thakkar said.