Eataly reports possible POS hack

Eataly's retail location in New York City has reported a possible data breach in its POS system. The company's website warns consumers of the potential security incident, urging consumers who purchased items between Jan. 16 and April 2 at the New York City location to immediately check their bank accounts.

"Based upon an extensive forensic investigation, it appears that criminals unscrupulously hacked our network system and installed a malware designed to capture payment card transaction data," according to a company statement.

An investigation was officially launched after several Eataly employees, who also made purchases at the store, found fraudulent charges on their credit cards, PYMTS reported.

The malware has now been removed and security measures are in place.

"Earning our customers' trust is our highest priority, and we deeply regret that this incident occurred. We have been working non-stop in an effort to ensure the security of our point-of-sale environment and to protect our guests' personal information from potential misuse," the company's website explained. "The malware has been rendered inoperable and additional security measures have been put in place to further secure the impacted point-of-sale and network systems. As of now, the incident has been contained and customers can safely use their payment cards throughout our stores, including at the Eataly NYC Retail Marketplace."

The hackers most likely acquired the names, card numbers, card expiration dates and CVV security codes of customers.

Eataly believes there is no indication that shoppers' information was compromised at its Chicago store, international locations or online.

The Manhattan store is set to join a group of retailers who recently signed a deal with Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) to expand its one-hour delivery service of prepared foods.

Eataly has 27 locations worldwide. The retailer hopes to open new stores in Los Angeles and New York City, and possibly Canada, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., in the next few years.

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