Ease Of Use And Loading Speed Trump Everything Else, Says Survey

Shoppers want mobile commerce websites to be easy to use, and if they have a bad experience they'll leave for a competitor. That's something surveys have found again and again, but a report from analytics firm Maxymiser adds some new detail to the mix: what exactly matters to those mobile shoppers.

A survey of 1,000 U.S. adults who own a smartphone, tablet or both asked what the top criterion was for deciding whether to stay on—or return to—a retailer's m-commerce site. Instead of letting survey participants rank the choices, they had to pick just the most important one.

The results are revealing: 45 percent of those surveyed said their top priority was that the site is easy to use. Another 20 percent said pages and images loading fast was their first priority. And 12 percent keyed in on ease-of-use for search and site navigation. In short, the top three vote-getters, which represent 77 percent of those surveyed, come down to ease of use and quick loading.

The remaining categories, in order of top-priority votes:

  • 6 percent: Images and text fit on the smaller screen
  • 5 percent: Few clicks are required to obtain more information
  • 4 percent: The site scrolls only in one direction
  • 3 percent: Buttons are large and easy to see
  • 3 percent: The cart updates instantly
  • 2 percent: The checkout button is easy to find

In practical terms, that means many of the clever design tweaks and careful performance enhancements that m-commerce site designers slave over simply aren't that important to most users. Tweaking images or button size isn't a bad thing, but it's simply not a top priority for most mobile shoppers.

And how bad could it be to focus resources on, say the 5 percent who really want fewer clicks than the 45 percent who want general ease of use? According to the survey, 30 percent of disappointed mobile shoppers say they'll leave for a competing mobile commerce site instead—and 9 percent say they'll never return.

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