E-Tailers Dodge A FACTA Bullet

FACTA, the federal law that prohibits POS receipts from displaying full credit card numbers and expiration dates, does not apply to E-Commerce purchases, a federal judge has ruled. The fear had been that the electronic purchase receipts E-mailed to customers might have to comply with the same paper receipt truncation rules, but U.S. District Court Judge John W. Darrah (Northern District of Illinois) ruled that E-tailers are immune from the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA).

"E-mail order confirmations are not entitled to FACTA protection" because they "are not electronically printed receipts under FACTA," Darrah said. "Second, an E-mail order confirmation is not provided at the point of sale or transaction under FACTA. Although plaintiff posits that print is commonly understood to mean 'to display on a surface (as a computer screen) for viewing,' this argument is unpersuasive."