In E-Commerce Satisfaction: Netflix, QVC On Top; PCMall, Home Depot On Bottom

That which keeps consumers satisfied seems to be part of an E-Commerce site's culture, as top (and bottom) players tend to show little movement, year to year. The latest results from measurement firm ForeSee Results seem to reinforce that.

Several of the top sites this year (Netflix, QVC, Amazon, DrsFosterSmith, Shutterfly and Newegg) changed only a few percentage points—and often less—from last year's numbers. The percentage change for those at the bottom of the list (PCMall, PCConnection, Efollet, Bidz and Home Depot) is even smaller. ForeSee CEO Larry Freed said that a score of 80 percent or higher is "a really good score," in the 70s "is in the average realm today" and anything below the 70s needs some serious work. Netflix came in at 86 percent, QVC at 84 percent and Amazon at 83 percent, while Home Depot and Bidz were both 69 percent, Efollet was at 68 percent and PCMall (the lowest) was at 67 percent.