E-Commerce Sales To Rebound Next Year After Slim Retreat

The recession will keep E-Commerce sales roughly flat (a half-percent decline) this year before returning to the days of double-digit growth next year, predicts e-Marketer Senior Analyst Jeffrey Grau. Grau said in a new report that E-Commerce sales will increase by nearly 10 percent next year, by about 13 percent in 2011, by some 11 percent in 2012 and by about 10 percent in 2013.

But his report did include this rather eyebrow-raising quote: "The recession has fostered a new breed of consumers who meticulously research big-ticket items as well as everyday purchases online. These consumers honed their Internet research skills during the 2008 holiday shopping season when, in search of savings and memorable gifts, they deftly moved between sites and tried different online shopping tactics." We're pretty sure most consumers were quite deft at surfing the Web for bargains long before the economy tanked last year. But maybe that's just us.