E-commerce Sales Jump 15 Percent in Third Quarter

More customers are shopping online than ever before, according to a new survey by web measurement firm comScore Inc. Americans spent $53.3 billion on e-commerce transactions during the third quarter, an increase of 14.6 percent from $46.5 billion for the same period last year.

When looking at how consumers are making purchases online, the survey indicates an increase in mobile web sales, with 10.9 percent of total e-commerce sales taking place on a smartphone or tablet, a slight growth over last year's figure of 9.9 percent. That represents $5.8 billion in sales coming in from users on their mobile devices.

On desktop computers, retail e-commerce sales grew 13.4 percent during the third quarter to $47.5 billion compared to $41.9 billion a year ago. ComScore reported $49.8 billion in desktop web sales in the second quarter, meaning consumer spending from desktop computers fell 4.6 percent quarter over quarter, another indication that more customers are turning to their phones and tablets when shopping online.

With the holiday shopping season underway, online shopping revenue is expected to grow even more. Eighty-nine percent of shoppers will use the Internet this holiday season, a study conducted by Google found, with 41 percent of consumers planning to use a smartphone for shopping or research.

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