Dunkin' Donuts Might Want To Rethink Its Sign Phrasing

Sometimes, one picture is worth one thousand poorly chosen words. Consumer Reports on Monday (Nov. 26) ran this photo, asking whether the "better service" was supposed to happen "by making you go to Starbucks." (Hey, CR, if we need help crafting snarky retail comments, we'll let you know.) But this particular piece of cloth signage, which apparently has been used by Dunkin' Donuts for a few years, does seem to send a rather ill-advised message.

We are guessing the intent was to connect the dots, which suggest the store was closed to do some important renovations. It is those under-construction improvements that the chain is suggesting will provide said better service. But the short-cut taken here pretty directly links "better service" with "closing the store," which is perhaps more candid than a donut shop wants to go. Maybe the better service envisioned was getting more police patrolling the neighborhood? (Yeah, we went there.)