Dov Charney's new company to take on American Apparel

Dov Charney is back and ready to take on American Apparel with a new entity that is eerily similar to his original company.

Charney was fired as CEO from the company he founded and his attempts to take back control or be involved in any way have also failed. Now Charney claims to be weeks away from announcing his newest venture and is currently lining up investors.

The new company will sell basic apparel to the screen print industry - a market that American Apparel is the top supplier to as a wholesale operator - according to the New York Post.

It will also be located in South Central Los Angeles, mimicking American Apparel's origins in the then gritty Los Angeles downtown. American Apparel's operations there helped boost the area's resurgence and Charney believes his new venture will do the same for South Central, according to the Independent.

The new business will employ former American Apparel executives and hourly employees, a large group now that American Apparel has closed stores and laid off workers while it reorganized under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

American Apparel emerged from bankruptcy in February. Charney's new endeavor is driven by motives other than strictly business.

"I don't want to be remembered as the guy who was thrown off the bus," Charney said. "My company was stolen from me, and I want my new business to steal American Apparel spiritually."

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