Domino's Touts Billion Dollars In Digital Sales and Points To Mobile, But 93 Percent Is From The Web

Domino's Pizza released an eye-opening figure on Monday (June 11): It has sold more than $1 billion worth of pizza (from mid-April 2011 to mid-April 2012) solely through digital channels. With all of the talk about the chain's two mobile apps and its dedicated mobile site, that billion seems to suggest the power of mobile. But what Domino's did not say in its statement tells a very different story.

Although it's quite true that mobile sales are soaring, it turns out that 93 percent of those billion dollars worth of digital sales were on the plain old Web site. And 70 percent of sales are still the phone into a brick-and-mortar type. There shouldn't be much of a stunner in that 93 percent figure, but with all of the mobile hype going on, it's important to remember that figure to keep things in context. (Note: Domino's also said that it's selling more through its iPhone app than through Android. Given that the iPhone app has been out for several months longer, according to Domino's spokesman Chris Brandon, that may not mean much.)