Domino's Pizza now accepting Google Wallet payments

Domino's Pizza (NYSE:DPZ) announced that customers can pay for their orders using Google Wallet (NASDAQ:GOOG). Domino's has integrated Google Wallet technology into its own mobile ordering app.

The app is available only for Android device owners in the U.S. Once a customer places an order with the app, they can complete their transaction using the new "Buy with Google" button.

Google Wallet is a mobile payment system that allows shoppers to store payment card information on their mobile device. The Domino's Pizza app with Google Wallet service is free to download from the Google Play Store.

Domino's mobile app now accounts for 40 percent of its orders in the U.S. Last year, the company reported $3 billion in digital sales around the world. The company has invested in the app as a way to streamline the ordering proces, allow customers to save their favorite orders and place those orders faster on subsequent visits.

"The easier we make it for people to order pizza, the more pizza they're going to order, simple as that," CEO Patrick Doyle told Nation's Restaurant News. "In restaurant industry terms, when you improve service times, good things happen in your business. When you get somebody to sign up and fill out a profile and enter their credit card so they can access that again, once somebody's gone to the trouble of doing that, you've upped the relationship with that customer."

Mobile payments are fast becoming an easy way to pay for customers who need to grab a bite on the go. Burger King (NYSE:BKW) and Wendy's have both recently launched mobile payment apps that allow patrons to pay with their smartphones. PayPal is also testing a new feature in its iOS and Android mobile apps in the UK that allows users to place a food order so it's ready when they arrive at the restaurant to pick it up. Once there, users can pay for their to-go order by using a four-digit code.

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