Disneyland Paris Dangles Discounts As Part Of NFC/Contactless Card Trial

Disneyland Paris is planning to test contactless payments with cards and near field communication (NFC) phones this fall and, unlike so many others that have dabbled in these trials, it is offering discounts and loaning phones to boost participation. We've asserted people won't bother with contactless payments unless they get a benefit beyond the questionable convenience usually touted by those pushing it. Only a handful of retailers, including Dairy Queen, have dangled carrots, such as discounts, to push contactless.

According to a report in Near Field Communications World, the resort is offering 25 percent discounts at Disneyland shops and 20 percent discounts at restaurants to patrons who use their NFC phones or contactless cards to make payments in the shops and restaurants. The trial, set to begin in October, will be available to those with annual passes to the resort who also have accounts in the Paris area branches of two French banks. Prospective users must first fill-out online applications. The people wishing to try NFC will be issued an NFC phone that must be returned when the trial concludes. This also addresses—or, more precisely, sidesteps—concerns about hardware differences with NFC devices. By handing out the phones, Disney is guaranteeing that hardware differences won't impact their trial results.