Digital shoppers save largest purchases for desktop

According to ComScore research, U.S. consumers now do 60 percent of their online shopping via mobile; however, the bulk of online spending still happens on desktop. Most shoppers wait to make big-ticket purchases such as computers or furniture on desktop because they deem it too difficult to make these types of purchases on a phone or tablet.

Shoppers find that Web pages take longer to load on mobile and get frustrated with the smaller size of screens on mobile, reported Quartz. All of these reasons make researching a product before purchasing more difficult.

Some of these barriers to purchase also exist online and are reflected in sales growth between 2014 and 2015. For example, while video games, consoles and accessories grew 44 percent over the year, and spend on toys and hobbies on digital was up 42 percent, consumer electronics grew only 9 percent and computers 5 percent.

Consumers know what they're getting when buying items such as video games and books online, according to Adam Lella, senior analyst of marketing insights at ComScore. "Those are easier to purchase on mobile than bigger, research-heavy products," he told Quartz.

While ComScore expects the gap of spending on mobile versus desktop to close over time, mobile may never fully catch up to desktop. Mobile made a huge jump over the 2015 holidays, growing 45 percent and accounting for 23 percent of all holiday sales, according to research from Sidecar. In the next three years, m-commerce is expected to reach $217 billion, according to Javelin. 

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