Didja Hear About McDonald's Big Isis Payments Test? Neither Did Anyone Else

If we needed any more evidence that Isis still isn't quite ready for prime time, we have it now: On Sept. 10, McDonald's (NYSE:MCD) told the Bloomberg news service that it's testing mobile payments in Salt Lake City and Austin. Bloomberg wrote a story full of quotes from a McDonald's spokesperson and a payments consultant, and describing the pay-by-phone process. All that was missing was any identification anywhere of the fact that this was a test of Isis. (Did someone at Isis turn down a free McMuffin or diss Ronald McDonald?)

It wasn't until a few days later, when Mobile Commerce Daily did its own piece on the McDonald's test, that Isis's name surfaced. That wasn't exactly covered in glory either: A local consultant said she asked about paying with her phone at the drive-through and got a blank stare from the associate there. Once inside, another associate told her that not many customers have tried the payments system because it works only on such a limited selection of phones. At least Isis's name won't be tarnished by a failed McDonald's test—mainly because no one knows that Isis has any connection with McDonald's.