Deloitte On Disruptive And Emerging Tech: Welcome To 2006

Disruption just isn't what it used to be. On Monday (March 21) consulting giant Deloitte issued a report on what it calls 10 "disruptive and emerging technologies" that will be a big deal to big companies over the next 18 months. The list includes cloud computing, software as a service (SaaS), visualization, analytics, social computing, mobile applications, ERP—wait, these are disruptive and emerging? Some of them emerged and did their disrupting decades ago. At this point, they're about as disruptive as a cash register or a credit card.

It's always hard for consultants to strike a balance, looking for the sweet spot in technology and trends that all their potential customers haven't already adopted but are far enough past bleeding-edge status that they're not a wild-eyed gamble. This time, Deloitte missed that sweet spot by about five years—this list isn't even interesting. But we'll be watching closely for next year's report to see if that newfangled E-mail thing makes Deloitte's list.