Cyberthieves Creating 57,000 Fake Sites A Week: Lesson In Time Management

A security report published Thursday (Sept. 9) concluded that cyberthieves are creating 57,000 new sites every week that exploit major brands, including Amazon (2.42 percent), eBay (23.21 percent), PayPal (1.77 percent), Visa (9.51 percent) and Bank of America (2.29 percent). Although little is surprising in the existence of these rampant phishing sites, we have to be impressed by the time management skills—and business efficiencies—on display here.

One reader, a senior IT executive, suggested tongue-in-cheek that there are a lot of reasons to be impressed by that number: "How did they get these new sites approved by marketing, legal and four levels of product management in that timeframe?" We have to ask, how many rewrites of site text were included and what kind of revision timetable was permitted? Even though this information was not covered by the Panda Security three-month-long study, they are legitimate questions if we're going to learn any management lessons. Not sure how Amazon feels about getting trounced by eBay (losing with a score of 2 percent compared with eBay's 23 percent), but how must it feel to be a major brand that is not even worth being ripped off? Sorry, Wal-Mart, even the real Wal-Mart E-mails make consumers clutch their wallets tightly.