CVS Sued For Racist Receipt Customization

It was inevitable. The ability for associates to customize printed store receipts has led to a series of media reports about racist or otherwise offensive receipts given to customers. One of those incidents, involving a CVS store in southern New Jersey that gave an Asian shopper's name incorrectly as "Ching Chong Lee, has resulted in a discrimination lawsuit against CVS, demanding $1 million for "injury, mental anguish, severe emotional distress, harm, and damages." The attorney representing the shopper has made explicit the reason for the lawsuit and it is not that the associate created that note. It's how CVS handled it afterwards, particularly where the chain opted to not apologize for the shopper. The second key issue is this line from the lawsuit: "CVS employees have been entering racial epithets into the customer name field for non-Caucasian individuals for a period of time, and that CVS employees made a custom and practice of entering such derogatory remarks." Now that is grounds for an effective lawsuit. Story