Customer Service Features Drive Engagement With Mobile Apps

Not all apps are created equal, and brick and mortar retailers with customer service options enjoy higher levels of engagement among brick and mortar retailers.

Mobile shopping continues to grow at a rapid pace, with an increasing number of mobile shoppers embracing internet retailer apps, social shopping apps, and brick-and-mortar retail apps to enhance their shopping experience. However, usage of these apps varies widely depending on many factors, including the type and quality of the mobile app, according to new research from Mobidia Technology.

An analysis of U.S. mobile shopping application usage in 2013 by the Yankee Group for Mobidia, revealed several clear trends:

  • Apps offering customer services to enhance the mobile shopping experience drove more engagement. For example, Kohl's and H&M engagement - at 73 percent and 61 percent respectively - were higher than most apps in all segments. The apps for both of these companies offer features other than just purchasing options, such as inventory checks, rewards, and look books.
  • Social shopping applications such as Shopkick and Groupon drove the highest level of application engagement at 49 percent. Internet retailers such as Amazon and eBay followed closely with 47 percent.
  • Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers such as Walmart and Kohl's trailed with 43 percent, but had the largest distribution of engagement results with some companies well above the average.

"Mobile shopping is all about mobile applications and the data clearly shows the correlation between high app quality with enhanced user experiences and higher shopper engagement and usage," said Sheryl Kingstone, director of enterprise services at Yankee Group. "Retailers that want to drive more engagement with mobile shoppers need to understand what apps are being used – not just downloaded – and the features of those apps that are driving the increased usage. Tracking and measuring these metrics on a regular basis and benchmarking the results to the competition is key to a retailer's success."    

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