Christmas Creep getting less creepy

The advancing holiday promotional schedule has been a double-edged sword for retailers that want the sales without irritating shoppers. Now, there’s new evidence to suggest that consumers are becoming less annoyed by the practice.

U.S. consumers are still bothered by Christmas Creep, but less so with each passing year. Roughly 63 percent are annoyed or very annoyed when holiday goods appear in stores before Halloween, down from 71 percent in 2014, according to a new survey by RichRelevance.

More than half of those surveyed, 55 percent, are annoyed or very annoyed by stores that open on Thanksgiving Day and are likely to reward stores that don’t with future business.

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Close to 73 percent of shoppers said that the decision of retailers such as REI to remain closed on both Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday made them like that store more. Just over half said they are more likely to shop a store that stays closed on Thanksgiving and 48 percent are more likely to specifically shop REI because of the policy.

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Early shopping is creeping up too, causing Black Friday to fade in importance. About 27 percent of shoppers saying they began holiday shopping by Labor Day, and 42 percent said Black Friday is less important than just five years ago.

Younger millennial shoppers report being more tolerant of holiday creep and more responsive to deals. Keep an eye on Cyber Monday, as this promotional day is more popular with millennials and gaining in relevance even as Black Friday fades.