Crate & Barrel Using Mobile App To Redesign Rooms

Few retail apps do more than help shoppers find and purchase products, but Crate & Barrel is including a redesign tool. Yes, the motives are hardly humanitarian, given that most Crate & Barrel shoppers will need redesigns, but it's a clever use of mobile.

The app was created in collaboration with NedSense Loft, a technology design firm and developed in partnership with Branding Brand. The iPad app is available for free in Apple's App Store.

Here are two very interesting stats about the program in a story in Mobile Commerce Daily: "More than 24,000 rooms have been created by customers with a furniture associate and 8,000 by web users at home," said John Seebeck, vice president of ecommerce at Crate & Barrel.

Those numbers suggest that more than three times as many shoppers used the program in-store than at home, even though such an app is much easier to use at home while standing inside the room to be redesigned. The app seeks room measurements and other details that are most easily determined while on site.

The most likely explanation behind those numbers is that shoppers simply don't think—or bother—to use the app without an associate strongly suggesting it. First, this casts the associate in the role of helpful shopping assistant. But second, as the associate stands with the shopper, she/he can make the experience ultra-easy (as that associate has hopefully been thoroughly trained to be fast-as-a-refresh on the app).

Third, the upgrade and sales opportunities that exist while the associate is literally able to add items into a 3-D mockup of the new room are practically infinite.

The app allows shoppers to choose from more than 3,000 3-D models of Crate and Barrel items, alter fabric and colors, and pair them with current furniture and accessories. And the app also include the typical social media elements where the images can easily be shared with others via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

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