Craft a PR recovery plan, channeling impulse buys online and more in today’s wrap-up

Proper planning can prevent a PR hiccup from becoming a full-blown nightmare. (kieferpix/Getty)

Disaster preparedness for your brand

A brand crisis can spin up quickly and impact revenue, reputation and stock prices just as fast. Although an occasional misstep may be inevitable, a botched response via social media doesn’t have to be. Every retailer should have an action plan established before a crisis that includes correcting the mistake, apologizing for the mistake and establishing a process so it doesn’t happen again. Retail Dive article

Adapting impulse buying to the online marketplace

Strategically placed candy bars in grocers’ check out aisles target impulse purchasers, but how does the strategy translate on the web? Targeted advertising. Based on prior behavior at Amazon and other sites, food manufacturer Mondelez may know if someone is an “Oreo user,” and serve up an ad with a “buy now” button to entice a quick purchase. AP article

Dietitian services find a home at Big Y

Independently owned supermarket chain Big Y Foods Inc. announced this week it will expand in-store dietitian services to six more locations in the Northeast. The stores will kick off the new service with free store tours and in-store nutrition events. MassLive article