Coverage from Annual Summit 2013 in Chicago

>Tory Burch Bridging Gap Between Store And Site With Client Book: As a company that never experienced the world before e-commerce, Tory Burch has a unique perspective on how to engage with its customer base via social and even how to bridge the gap between the digital experience and in-store experience. Read more here.

>Foster Word Of Mouth Through Social Currency And Your Brand's Trigger: The value of word of mouth over traditional advertising has been obvious for a while, so Jonah Berger explained to the 2013 crowd what isn't so obvious: just how to generate that buzz around your brand, even when what you're selling isn't inherently sexy. Read more here.

>Mobile Research For Local Shopping Grows 114 Percent: The shift to mobile retail is obvious to everyone in the industry, but according to a Local Corp. study released Monday (Sept. 30), it's not just research and buying that consumers turn to their mobile devices for. Smartphone use, specifically when looking for a local shop, includes looking for product information, comparing prices, and looking for digital coupons and deals. Read more here.

>Mobile shoppers aren't converting, but does it matter?: Forrester's Sucharita Mulpuru presented some numbers about mobile shoppers before Wednesday's morning keynote that were concerning for many retailers. The question is, does the fact that shoppers aren't making purchases on their phones actually matter?

>How Walgreens turned a century-old business into a digital pioneer: It's not always easy for a brick and mortar business that's been around for over a century to embrace new trends, but that's exactly the challenge Walgreens CEO Greg Wasson has faced in moving the drug store chain forward into an omnichannel world.

>The convergence of social media and online retail is about relationships: When it comes to the convergence of retail and social media the future, for several startups, is the relationship between the customer and the merchant that has been largely overshadowed in online retail.