The Container Store gives wearables to employees

Wearables may be a hot consumer product, but The Container Store is utilizing the devices as an enterprise tool and is rolling out a customized system from Theatro nationwide.

Dallas-based Theatro creates software as a service (SaaS) mobile workforce management and communications solutions, and the program was piloted and enhanced through feedback from The Container Store. It helps to streamline operations, heighten customer service and improve staff efficiency.

It also replaces the clunky walkie talkies and overhead speakers previously utilized for in-store communications.

Employees can access product and order information from anywhere in the store. Theatro's analytics app provides insight into employees' day-to-day activities, how they work as a team and how on-floor performance varies from store to store, according to the company. As a result, The Container Store believes it will reduce costs for in-store operations, boost employee efficiency, and eliminate losing eye contact with the customer during the buying experience.

"Customers' expectations are rapidly evolving and more than ever being influenced by brand experiences. Ultimately, salespeople shape this customer experience, from their ability to quickly provide product knowledge to the efficiency of checkout to a customer's satisfaction as he or she exits the store," said Chris Todd, CEO of Theatro. "The Container Store's commitment to empower their employees with real-time knowledge to meet, and exceed, customer service expectations gives them a competitive advantage with today's technology-enabled consumer."

Closing the gap between the technology shoppers use and bring to stores, and what merchants are providing for their associates, is considered critical in today's retail environment.

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