Emotional connection drives brand loyalty for 82% of consumers, survey finds

Loyalty Rewards
Consumers are looking for an emotional connection, not rewards, from their loyalty programs.

An emotional connection is a critical factor for retailers in that 82% of consumers always buy from a brand they have a high emotional engagement with. 

And for those brands they know and love, consumers are willing to go the extra mile and promote them to their friends. In fact, according to a survey by Capgemini's Digital Transformation Institute, 81% of emotionally connected consumers will promote the brand to family and friends. In addition, 70% of these respondents spend twice as much with the brands they are emotionally attached to than those without the warm fuzzies.  

Eighty-six percent of these engaged consumers want brands to reciprocate their loyalty in two-way interactions and, as a result, 81% are willing to give back to the brand. In addition, 75% of respondents was online and 73% want in-store shopping experiences to be differentiated.

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The survey found that high emotional engagement is key to consumer loyalty, seeing as only 38% of consumers would buy a brand they have a low emotional engagement with.

Still, the study shows that what consumers want and what retailers are offering are disjointed, in that loyalty is not giving shoppers what they want. In fact, 80% of executives think their brand understands their consumers' needs, but only 15% of consumers agree.

An earlier report by Capgemini found that 28% of consumers are abandoning loyalty programs without ever redeeming their points and 54% are inactive all together. 

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But for retailers who are able to foster loyalty through emotional engagement, there is the possibly of increasing annual revenues by up to 5%. 

Looking specifically at who is the most emotionally engaged, millennials (58%) and urban dwellers (53)% lead the pack.