Competitors get a boost from Prime Day

Amazon's Prime Day looks to have positively impacted sales for competitive retailers. Many – including Walmart, Macy's and eBay – countered with deals of their own, and new data reveals that shoppers took the bait.

Retailers saw a 13 percent lift in traffic compared to a typical day, according to marketing agency HookLogic. This was down dramatically from the 75 percent spike HookLogic tracked last year.

Still, conversion rates were up 62 percent over a typical day, suggesting there were good discounts and that consumers were in buying mode, likely stimulated by comparison shopping of Amazon deals.

"Given other retailers still saw rises in sales, it appears Amazon brought more shopping traffic online, but didn't take away sales from other retailers," HookLogic said in an emailed statement. "Rather, they stimulated their own ecosystem and Prime members. It remains to be seen if Prime Day generates a large net gain for Amazon or just pulled sales forward that may have happened anyway over the next few weeks or months."

Most retailers decided not to go in heavy with promotion and marketing, noted HookLogic. But many have devised their own summer promotions to coincide with Prime Day.

EBay has its Summer of Choice, which lets shoppers vote on the mobile deals they most want and then launches the top picks at savings of up to 70 percent off for everyone. Membership is not required to access deals, eBay emphasized in an email.

Walmart is hosting sales all month in the form of its signature Rollback and is offering free shipping with no minimum purchase through July 15. A separate promotion offers a free 30-day trial of its Shipping Pass membership program meant to rival Prime.

The retailer did not comment on how Prime Day sales affected its own, but a spokeswoman said in an email, "While we aren't breaking out sales or providing updates outside of quarterly earnings, I can tell you millions of customers have been saving all month long on Yesterday was no exception. Customers took advantage of savings for everyone, that last beyond just one day."