CircuitCity, CompUSA Domains Enter Their Next Stage Of Grieving

Oh, how the mighty brand names of electronics retail have fallen. The company that picked up the domains and websites of both CircuitCity and CompUSA—Systemax—in November had given up the idea of running those sites under their famous domains and instead automatically referred anyone who typed either chain name to another System brand: Well, that didn't last. On Wednesday (April 24), Systemax said that it had completely given up on both brands and no longer even wants the redirect traffic, having decided to sell the domains and let the traffic go to the new owners. The owners said that both sites have generated "tens of millions of annual visitors," but it's not clear how recently that traffic was generated. Given that it's been four or five years since either chain was an active physical national chain (CircuitCity was liquidated in 2009, CompUSA in 2008), it's certainly reasonable that the annual traffic for those domains have fallen sharply. Given the fact that Systemax no longer wants to even have the referral traffic suggests that their traffic numbers are not likely huge. More importantly, it's unclear how much of the remaining traffic is consumers looking to buy electronics, as opposed to garbage traffic. The sale, being handled by Hilco Streambank, included 138 associate domain names for CircuitCity and 141 associated domain names for CompUSA. Sale Document