CIO Panel At NRF: The Unanticipated Changes From In-Aisle Mobile Payment

In-aisle mobile payment isn't merely a new payment method. It has the potential to force stores to rethink almost all aspects of operations—and few have seriously come to terms with how different environments are going to have to be. At the NRF show in New York City next week, a StorefrontBacktalk IT panel is going to map out the least-anticipated changes. And if you're around on Tuesday 2–3 PM (1A 21/22 at the Javits Center), please drop by and tell us what we forgot to include. Ann Taylor CIO Mike Sajor, Sears VP/Loss Prevention Bill Titus and the NRF's Joe Larocca—moderated by StorefrontBacktalk Editor Evan Schuman&mdashlwill look at the neglected items. As a Florida hobby shop discovered while serving as an NCR in-aisle mobile payment beta tester, this in-store mobile payment stuff is a lot harder than it looks.

"It's really a change management problem," Sajor said. "Literally everyone has to think through all of the possible change behaviors." As Sears thinks through in-store mobile issues, it's seeing how everything will need to change, from the supply chain to customer interactions to SKU-level integrity, inventory and dealing with new threats to the supply chain. "Some significant competitive advantages are going to be lost," Titus said. The panel will be pure discussion, with no presentations and lots of audience interaction. So please argue with us there. Don't make me come and find you.