Checkpoint Systems Has Merged RFID/EAS Product In Wings

Looks like Checkpoint Systems has a merged EAS tag/RFID product in the pipeline, according to this intriguing story in RFID Journal. When they are formally introducing the merged unit is a bit unclear. The story says it was introduced on Friday, but I am guessing it will be introduced on Monday in Orlando at the RFID Journal Live conference. (Not that it matters to anyone, but I like to get this trivia precise.)

What does matter is that the new merged line--reportedly to be called Evolve--wants to connect the dots between EAS theft deterrent system and an RFID in-store inventory package. On the least-impact side, it could be a convenient way to handle two tasks with one unit. On the most-impact side, it could truly push to the next level the ability to track products throughout a store and beyond.

"To deploy such a system, Checkpoint would need to develop a means by which the EPC encoded to the labels would be generated, managed and shared with supply-chain partners. The required RFID hardware infrastructure would also need to be put in place at manufacturing and retail warehouses and facilities," the RFID Journal story said. "To leverage the RFID tags for inventory tracking inside retail stores, interrogators would be needed in the back rooms and possibly on store shelves and at point-of-sale terminals as well."