Carrefour debuts integrated mobile solution

Carrefour's new hypermarket features an in-store network and a mobile app that work together to deliver an integrated shopping experience.
The store, just outside of Paris, is the first location worldwide to use an integrated solution by Pricer that combines indoor navigation, mobile shopping and electronic shelf labels.

Shoppers can use Carrefour's new app, called "C-où" (available on Android and iOS), to create lists, search products, get promotions and find recipe ideas. The electronic shelf labels pair benefits to the retailer such as centralized price automation with consumer-facing features. For example, shoppers can "like" an item and the label will display the total number of "likes" received.
There are 55,000 electronic shelf labels throughout the store, which are NFC enabled for indoor navigation. There are interactive booths, or stores within the store, and terminals equipped to accept NFC payments.

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