Can Starbucks Make A Good $2.45 Root Beer? Um, No.

Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) just may be going into the Fizzio business. The coffeeshop giant confirmed this week that it applied for a trademark on that name for "beverage-making machines, as well as a variety of drinks, including soft drinks," the Associated Press soberly reported. Fizzio, huh? Meanwhile cable financial channel CNBC, where they have their priorities straight, went the review route to test the Ginger Ale, Lemon Ale and Spiced Root Beer flavors at a Starbucks in Austin. The conclusion? Lemon Ale was the best of the bunch, but it still tasted like it came from a mix. The Ginger Ale? "Where is the ginger? Where is the flavor?" And as for the "handcrafted" Spiced Root Beer, reviewer Jason Jepson concluded, "Thomas Kemper just rolled over in his root beer bed. Lack of 'spice,' so Barq's is safe. Lack of sweetness, so A&W is safe. The worst by far." At $2.45 a drink, that's really falling flat. Story