Can Fashion-Of-The-Month Clubs Last? JustFab And ShoeDazzle Are Merging To Find Out

Two of the biggest competitors in fashion subscription e-commerce are merging. What does that even mean? Well, for $39.95 a month, JustFab sends its 15 million subscribers monthly shipments of fast-fashion items based on their preferences (JustFab does its designing in-house, so those preferences had better not include other labels). ShoeDazzle sends its 18 million subscribers monthly shipments of shoes, again based on preferences and at the same $39.95 price. With the merger, the two brands will both continue, and JustFab (no relation to billion-dollar competitor also plans to launch Fabkids and Fabletics in October. The real question is whether self-designed, cut-out-the-store fashion apparel subscriptions are just a fad. Given that both JustFab and ShoeDazzle have yet to be profitable, it may not take long to find out. Story