Call the Cops! The Customer Wants His Order Overnight

One credit card processor has issued a list of the characterics of typical fraudsters, including seeking accelerated delivery and purchasing four items at once.

Putting aside the fact that I typically engage in those suspect behaviors (but for honest reasons: I'm impatient and impulsive. I find maturity to be way overrated), the stats collected by Retail Decisions are rather interesting. Beyond the typical well-known fraudster profile elements—such as using free E-mail domains, living in densely populated areas and spending 2.5 times more than typical consumer—the group reported that 56 percent of fraudulent orders seek next-day or two-day delivery "whereas only nine percent of genuine customers ask for next day delivery online.

The company also reported that fraudsters often "bundle their purchases with an average of four items at a time (while) legitimate customers typically purchase one or two items per transaction."