Burger King now serving free smartphones

Burger King (NYSE:BKW) wants customers to use its new mobile app, so it's giving away Android smartphones.

Burger King began updating its mobile app in March, and the giveaway coincides with the official launch. The app features a store locator, coupons, menus and limited mobile payment options.

Samuel Heath, director of revenue management and pricing for BK, told Mashable that the offer is meant to get handsets into the hands of more shoppers. "We wanted to make sure we took care of all the people who come to Burger King," he said. "You forget sometimes that only half the people have smartphones."

The offer comes with the same restrictions as most discounted new phones, a two-year new or upgraded agreement with AT&T, Sprint or Verizon. There are more than 20 available phones including the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4.

The phones are available online and shoppers are prompted to enter a promotional code at checkout.

Burger King may have to do more than give away free phones to win over consumers following news that it would relocate to Canada following the proposed acquisition of Canadian coffee and doughnut chain Tim Hortons for $11.4 billion. Moving its corporate headquarters in a tax inversion will allow the new company to pay a lower tax rate, but is drawing criticism from consumers and lawmakers alike.

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