Brookstone launches interactive digital displays

Brookstone announced the launch of a digital, interactive retail display at its store in Nashua, New Hampshire. In partnership with Toshiba and digital signage developer Scala, Brookstone created an experience for consumers that gives product information when a user approaches or picks up an item.

"Interactive digital signage is the future of retailing," said Brookstone CEO Tom Via. "It gives customers everything they love about seeing and trying a product in person, and adds the in-depth digital content they've come to expect by shopping online. This added information is essential to the purchasing process."

             Brookstone's new interactive display

Via permanently took over for former CEO and President James Speltz last year after Speltz lead the company through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Brookstone has prided itself on its interactive customer experiences since the brand launched 50 years ago. The dynamic digital displays are a continuation of this belief that aims to create an even richer shopping experience.

As a customer approaches one of the store's screens, a video will play content related to the product at that station. Once at the display, a shopper can review the products available. When a product of interest is identified, the customer will be instructed to lift the product to learn more. And if a product is selected, the screen will play content specific to the product.

Though currently only available at the one location, Brookstone plans to roll out the digital experience screens in major stores throughout 2016.

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