Book wars heat up as HarperCollins enters e-commerce

HarperCollins has relaunched its website to now sell the publisher's books, e-books and audiobooks directly to consumers as online book wars heat up.

"We are excited to be able to offer an e-commerce solution to our authors, ensuring their books are always available to their fans," said Chantal Restivo-Alessi, chief digital officer of HarperCollins, in a statement. "As a publisher, we want to offer as many paths to the consumer as possible."

Like other retail sites, will offer promotions, specials and discounts off of print and e-books. All print titles will be shipped for free, reported Digital Book World. The revamped site will also feature more search functionality, mobile optimization and areas for promotional content including the publisher's daily deals called Bookperk.

The move by HarperCollins will make the publisher less reliant on other retailers. The announcement comes on the heels of an on-going dispute between Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and publisher Hachette, who complains the e-retailer is slowing down shipment of its books. As a reaction, many shoppers boycotted buying books on Amazon, with reaping the benefits: saw a 40 percent rise in book sales in June.

Currently, HarperCollins print books will only be available for shipment to shoppers in the United States, although the publisher plans to expand to other countries over the next year,

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