Bonobos CEO: It's a balancing act

"It is a balance between positive energy and judgment," Bonobos CEO Andy Dunn told Fast Company. "At a lot of companies, if you're not careful, the positive energy of the founder can lead to an overextension in trying to do too many things, but it takes judgment to realize how much focus is required."

Dunn, founder of the men's apparel company was interviewed as part of Fast Company's feature on the most innovative companies. "I've been humbled by how few things a company can do well at once, but impressed by how well a company can do them if the CEO gives the company that focus," he said.

Dunn confesses to a few mistakes, notably opening a technology office roughly 3,000 miles away from its New York headquarters. "We told ourselves we were going to write better technology software because we had this separate office in Northern California where technology could be heroic," he said. "That (decision) just ended up being wrong, we couldn't do two things at once," he explains. The office closed in May 2013. Story