Blockbuster Testing Movie-To-Device In-Store Downloads

The Blockbuster movie-download kiosks--slated to start their trial in June--will download movies directly into consumer-owned portable devices in about two minutes, according to a demo at the company's shareholder meeting Wednesday (May 28).

Blockbuster officials want the NCR-developed kiosk to be able to download films in about 30 seconds "as Blockbuster is striving for an ATM-like experience," said Blockbuster CEO James Keyes, according to this report in The Hollywood Reporter. "Keyes later told reporters he could envision a monthly subscription fee of $10 along with a free device give-away down the line. Games would be 'a wonderful addition' to the kiosk service in the future as well," he said. The trial will start at a few stores in Dallas and will initially only work with devices made by Archos.