Black Friday: Long Lines and Brawls in Stores Thanksgiving Night

With near-unbelievable markdowns kicking off on Thanksgiving Day for Black Friday, customers around the country lined up to nab early deals and doorbusters. While most stores were able to welcome customers without incident, not every retailer was so lucky.

Thanks to social media, news spread fast of several brawls in various Walmart (NYSE:WMT) stores, with some showdowns caught on camera and posted online.

In a video clip posted to Instagram from a Walmart in Johnoson City, TN, droves of shoppers and security guards could be heard yelling at each other as they scrambled to grab flat screen TVs and other electronics. Another Instagram post taken in Philadelphia showed an ambulance that had been called after a fight broke out in a Walmart there.

On Twitter, user @CourtneyCrigler wroter, "NEVER will I go to Walmart Black Friday again. Got stuck in the middle of a fight over a stupid tablet. If you wanna see crazy, go there." Another, @myrandanikole, tweeted, "Thank God we got out asap from Walmart because too many people were starting to fight."

In a California Walmart store, a police officer was hospitalized after he was injured while trying to break up a fight. Reportedly, customers waiting outside started the scuffle before the store opened after someone was suspected of cutting in line.

Macy's, (NYSE: M) who opened for the first time on Thanksgiving Day this year, also saw massive crowds which, according to reports, left store displays and clothing racks in shambles as shoppers rummaged through merchandise to score deals. At the company's flagship location on 34th Street in New York City, lines of shoppers crowded into barricades manned by police officers well before the store's 8 p.m. opening.

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