'Black box recorder' resolves hhgregg's e-commerce issues

Appliance and electronics retailer hhgregg (NYSE:HGG) has integrated a software solution into its e-commerce site that allows the merchant to replay customer Web experiences so problems can be quickly resolved.

The Customer Experience Management system from UserReplay is a cost-effective, "black box recorder technology" that offers a fast return on investment, the retailer said.

"We were impressed with the breadth of functionality and features offered by UserReplay's Customer Experience Management solution," said Scott Reasinger, hhgregg's director of retail systems. "The rapid ROI combined with the strength of the product set UserReplay apart." The retailer has 226 stores in 20 states.

UserReplay enables hhgregg to replay individual customer sessions to understand customer obstacles, and offers insight into what e-commerce customers actually experience, according to a statement from the vendor. It also helps optimize the online channel by identifying, diagnosing and fixing barriers to conversion. It can be deployed on-premise or as software as a service (SaaS).

"We went live at the end of May," Reasinger told FierceRetailIT. "It was extremely easy to implement using a small JavaScript. It was live in a matter of days and we got immediate results seeing a full picture of traffic to our site."

Currently, hhgregg's IT team is using the Customer Experience Management technology, and the retailer plans to roll it out throughout the enterprise, from IT and e-commerce teams to customer service teams, he said.

"Having session replay is powerful," Reasinger said. "Prior to UserReplay, we didn't have any technology that could give us this insight." If a customer encountered an issue or an error message, there was no easy way to see what happened. "Tracking and recreating an issue was a time consuming task for the team. The ability to reduce the time from when a problem was defined to resolution was essential."

For example, hhgregg's checkout process can get complicated because of the appliances and electronics it delivers. The retailer needs to consider delivery times and installations, be able to check products and parts by zip code, and factor in gas permits. "Being able to see what the customer is experiencing is helping us make this process smoother," Reasinger said.

"With UserReplay, we can immediately see sessions. If there was an issue with a credit card deny, we are now able to put facts behind why this is happening to improve the general impression that our call center might give to a customer," he said.

The customers of a retailer change every day, and so does its e-commerce website, said John Thompson, UserReplay's CEO. "There is always uncertainty and struggle. UserReplay allows retailers to identify issues quickly and easily. The technology enables retailers to step into the shoes of their customers—experiencing the website the way they do—to identify quick wins paving the way for sustained positive online customer experiences," he said.

The session replay technology lets users analyze every visitor's journey through a website. "For e-commerce companies this is invaluable as it enables them to improve conversion rates, find and fix site bugs, resolve customer disputes, recover abandoned baskets and prevent fraudulent transactions online," Thompson said.

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